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Steven Bayer
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Steven Bayer, MD

Reproductive Endocrinologist

Dr. Steven Bayer is a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist at Boston IVF and a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. He specializes in all aspects of fertility care.


Dr. Steven Bayer is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology/Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

He specializes in all aspects of infertility care.

In addition to his role at Boston IVF, he is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School, where he teaches the next generation of fertility experts and performs crucial research that focuses on the identification of factors that affect IVF success and ovulation induction protocols for IVF.

He has published numerous articles and book chapters - and is the author of "The Boston IVF Handbook of Infertility” - which is widely considered the preeminent print resource in the field of reproductive medicine.

Dr. Bayer received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Ohio State University and his residency training at Mt. Carmel Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. He then completed his research fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Beth Israel Hospital and the Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Prior to joining Boston IVF, Dr. Bayer was Director of the in Vitro Fertilization Program at New England Medical Center, as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Tufts Medical School.

He is a member of several professional societies, including the Boston Obstetrical Society, New England Fertility Society, American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, among others.

Why Did You Become a Fertility Expert?
I remember the first delivery that I saw as a medical student. I was in awe and realized that obstetrics and gynecology was the field for me. During my residency training I became proficient in all aspects of women’s health care and I developed a passion for the field of infertility. I found the endocrine and science aspects of the specialty fascinating and the patient interaction enjoyable and rewarding. After becoming a father, my passion was heightened. Knowing first-hand that the parent experience is a gift and a treasure to be cherished, I knew I had made the right choice.

So many couples are struggling with infertility, so many who deserve to experience that incredible parent-child bond. I find it a privilege to be able to help these couples.  The treatments we have today have never been more successful and there are many paths from which to choose. There is no more intense love than that of a parent for a child. It is truly an honor to help make that dream become a reality for my patients.

What About Boston IVF Makes You Proud?
I am most proud of the wonderful group of the people that make up Boston IVF. These of course include the physicians, scientists, nurses, administrators, clerical staff, social workers, psychologists, ultra sonographers, lab staff and others. There is a common theme of respect, caring and compassion that runs deep throughout our organization.  All at Boston IVF truly work as a cohesive team continually striving to provide the best experience and outcome for our patients.

What is Your Approach to Patients Care?
Infertility is stressful and many of our patients who are dealing with fertility issues often feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster. Life is stressful in general and the added burden of infertility can be overwhelming.

My approach is to be honest, informative, empathetic and supportive to my patients without being patronizing or instilling false hope. Knowing that they have choices and can make informed decisions often gives patients a sense of empowerment at a time when there is a tendency to feel powerless. I also encourage couples to take advantage of the wonderful support services at Boston IVF where they will find an exceptional group of experienced social workers and psychologists who can provide them with added support as they continue through treatment.  

Have Any Patients Truly Inspired You?
Every patient I come in contact with inspires me. Realizing that the majority of couples dealing with infertility never seek out the care of a specialist, those who do take that initiative do so with courage and conviction; they are deeply committed to achieving their goal of parenthood.

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?
I love woodworking, listening to music, and spending time with my family and our two dogs.

What Music Do You Enjoy Listening to?
I enjoy a wide genre of music including opera, classic rock, and country.

Where Do You See Infertility Care in 5 Years? 
Treatments will be more successful and more accessible. I can’t wait to be a part of it!

What Would Be Your "Desert Island" Food?
A cold Diet-Coke and a sub sandwich would be absolutely fine with me!

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