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Our Awards
Our Awards

In 2021, eight Boston IVF physicians were selected by Boston Magazine and their peers as Top Doctors in the field of infertility.

This marks the tenth consecutive year that our reproductive endocrinologists have been honored with this award.

Congratulations to Drs. Brian Berger, Carla DiGirolamo, Sam Pauli, Samuel Pang, Alan Penzias, David Ryley, Rita Sneeringer & Tom Toth!

Only doctors who are among the very best in their specialty (less than 5%) are selected as Top Doctors.

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Our Online Reviews

Our reviews and success stories are a reflection of Boston IVF's unwavering pledge to provide comprehensive care and fight for your dream, every step of the way.

They come from actual patients who've experienced the highs and lows of infertility, yet persevered and gone on to experience success.

Most of all, they come from people who understand the power of sharing their story and how it can uplift and inspire those who are beginning their own fertility journey.

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fertility success baby
Our Fertility Success

Different providers define fertility success in different ways.

At Boston IVF, we consider healthy births to be the most important gauge of a fertility center’s true success.

With more than 125,000 babies born since 1986, our success rates and experience speak for themselves.

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embryo science
Our Embryo Science

Embryo development is critical to the fertility success of those who've experienced a miscarriage, failed IVF cycle, age-related infertility - or just want the best chance for a positive outcome.

Our lab's technologies and vast experience give patients a significantly higher chance for pregnancy and delivery.

Additionally, our advanced PGT-A and PGT-M genetic tests have been shown to increase success rates, reduce miscarriage, eliminate the passing of inherited conditions on to subsequent children, and reduce the total time it takes you to achieve pregnancy.

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Our Wellness Program
Our Wellness Program

Located at our fertility clinic in Waltham, the Boston IVF Wellness Center is the only in-house fertility wellness program in New England to offer in-house acupuncture treatments that synchronize exactly with your IUI and IVF procedures.

Our Wellness Center also offers helpful and effective modalities, including counselors and nutrition experts for PCOS to complement your care and enhance your success.

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Our Fertility
Our Fertility "Firsts"

Boston IVF is one of the most influential leaders in reproductive medicine.

Our doctors and scientists are responsible for numerous "firsts" in fertility care.

Our "firsts" include:

• the first IVF/ICSI pregnancy in New England

• the first donor egg pregnancy in New England

• the first egg freezing birth in Massachusetts

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Our Female Clinicians
Our Female Clinicians

Boston IVF is proud to offer unprecedented access to the largest group of female fertility clinicians in the Northeast.

With more than 25 female fertility doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses in leading roles – we remain dedicated to providing effective and comfortable healthcare choices to our patients.

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Our Inclusion
Our Inclusion

Everyone’s journey to parenthood is unique.

No one understands this more than Boston IVF, whose staff is as diverse as its community. Since 1986, our pioneering fertility center has embraced all patients, regardless of sexual orientation, gender preference, or marital status.

Back in 1986, we became first fertility center in New England to assist a lesbian couple achieve pregnancy - and the first center to assist with a pregnancy where both partners were recognized as birth mothers on a birth certificate.

And in 1998, our network proudly became the first center in New England to provide IVF for a male couple.

Read more about our LGBTQ Fertility Program
Our Doctors Are Teachers
Our Doctors Are Teachers

Each Boston IVF fertility specialist holds a Clinical Professor or Instructor position at Harvard Medical School, where they teach the next generation of fertility experts.

In addition to their teaching roles at Harvard Medical School, our physicians have together published 500+ peer-reviewed articles, reviews, chapters, abstracts and books, including “The Boston IVF Handbook of Infertility,” which has been labeled the premier resource in the field of reproductive science.

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Our Fertility Analysis
Our Fertility Analysis

Our clinical and scientific teams have instant access to over 30 years of Boston IVF cycle data and fertility treatment analysis.

This invaluable data allows us to identify unique trends in your fertility cycle and swiftly diagnose and treat complex reproductive disorders. Most importantly, it will help you to become pregnant in the shortest time possible.

Additionally, each month our entire team of physicians join together to sit down and review all intricate cases. This is especially valuable for patients who have not experienced success at other fertility centers.

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Our Clinical Trials
Our Clinical Trials

As a leading fertility center with an accomplished fertility research program, our scientists conduct numerous fertility studies as part of our commitment to emerging technologies and improved success rates.

Patients who qualify for these exclusive trials often take advantage of new technologies.

As always, we invite those who are interested in participating in a study to contact our Fertility Research Program Manager for more information.

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Our Savings Programs
Our Military Discount Program

Boston IVF is pleased to offer special military discounts for active servicepeople and veterans in need of family building treatments.

Our Military Infertility Discount Program offers 25% off IVF and donor egg treatments.

Contact our center to learn more!

Learn more about our IVF military discount program
Our Clinical Excellence
Our Clinical Excellence

In 2015, Boston IVF was designated by The Clinical Sciences Institute of Optum as an Infertility Center of Excellence. The Institute identifies programs from around the country that best exemplify clinical excellence based on evidence-based medicine. This honor is earned by having far exceeded best-in-class patient care, quality guidelines, and clinical outcomes. We are one of the only fertility centers in Massachusetts to hold this designation.

Our Convenient Locations
Our Convenient Locations

We provide infertility treatments across the New England area, with more than fifteen fertility centers in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Our Boston Fertility Center offers accessibility for those in the city, along with dozens of greater Boston locations, including Lexington, Waltham, Brookline, Quincy, Worcester, Cape Cod, and many more.

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Our Personalized Approach
Our Personalized Approach

At Boston IVF, our entire team knows what infertility can feel like. Many of us have been through it ourselves and understand what you are going through. We emphasize a customized model of patient care tailoring our treatments to your own unique circumstances and challenges.

From our very first telephone conversation, your goal becomes our goal. The entire Boston IVF team will be by your side each step of the way.

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