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Our Laboratory Team

The Boston IVF laboratory is the true heartbeat our fertility center and a crucial component to your care.

Our embryology, andrology, and endocrine laboratories bring together highly-skilled team members who approach their craft with dedication and passion.

Together, they work behind the scenes to optimize your fertility success.

Brent Barrett, PHD Laboratory Director
Denny Sakkas, PHD Scientific Director
Patricia Cedrone Endocrine Lab Supervisor
Marianne Cristello Chief Lab Manager
Marie Baldwin Senior Embryologist
Jessica Bailey Senior Embryologist
Caron Campbell Endocrine Lab Technologist
Evelyn Durand Phlebotomist Technician
Mary Ferraro Senior Embryologist
Paula Finn Endocrine Lab Technologist
Amy Fontaine Senior Embryologist
Pam Jarmuz Senior Embryologist
Kristin Jones Senior Embryologist
Stephanie Lara Phlebotomist Technician
Michele Lefevra Endocrine Lab Technician
Olcay Ocali Senior Embryologist
Kristin Rooney Research Program Manager
Leslie Santry Senior Embryologist
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