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Boston IVF welcomes patients from across the world to experience our expert fertility care and treatment.

Every day we successfully accommodate our international patients, working as a harmonious network of fellow-providers to facilitate treatment plans, communication, and the logistics involved in coordinating international care on your behalf.

Fertility treatment is an emotional journey in itself, and we understand how distance and differences in language and culture add stress to the process. Our entire staff is committed to facilitating world-class fertility care as stress-free as possible so you can focus your energy on achieving your fertility goals on your own timeline.

What Is Fertility Tourism?

Like other forms of medical tourism, fertility tourism is a very common practice of traveling abroad or to another region within the same country for treatment. Patients are often motivated to try fertility tourism when they realize superior treatment or superior fertility doctors are available in another region.

Boston IVF: A Fertility Tourism Destination

Patients opt for fertility tourism treatment at Boston IVF following failure to conceive or find egg donors or surrogates in their own area. At Boston IVF, we meet out-of-area patients with travel assistance during treatment, long-distance patient monitoring, and flexible treatment programs.

Boston IVF has helped thousands of individuals and couples overcome the physical, emotional, and social challenges of infertility and other reproductive difficulties. We provide the advanced clinical treatment you need with the deeply personal care you deserve. Our high success rates, personalized service, and affordable treatment options set us apart as a fertility tourism destination. Some additional services that appeal to our international patients include:

  • comprehensive array of fertility treatments
  • convenient initial consultations via phone or Skype
  • thorough review of your medical records
  • fertility treatment plans that work around your schedule
  • coordinated care with your OB/GYN at home

Services We Offer

Many patients come to Boston IVF knowing that through our longstanding affiliation with the Harvard Medical School, we are consistently on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. Our national fertility network of scientists, doctors, embryologists, and researchers collaborate to offer expert care utilizing advanced procedures. We offer our patients compassionate care with access to effective fertility treatments, including:

Stay Close To Home For As Long As Possible

Our reproductive endocrinologists and nurses coordinate with your doctor at home so that some fertility testing and monitoring can take place at your local fertility clinic. When it comes time to transition to our clinic in Boston, we work closely with patients and providers to arrange travel, manage treatment, and ensure good communication. This type of organizational planning can reduce a patient's stay at our Boston clinic for treatments such as IVF.

Collaborative Care

In order to coordinate all aspects of your treatment to minimize your travel time, our staff is dedicated to collaborative communication with your local doctor's office. Regular and open communication between Boston IVF and your local doctor allows you to accomplish most fertility testing and monitoring at a local medical office.

We coordinate with physicians from all around the world to ensure treatment proceeds smoothly before our patients visit Boston.

Concierge Services

Your fertility team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan with your fertility and travel goals in mind. Our staff can offer practical solutions to help minimize your time away from home and make your visit to Boston as convenient and relaxing as possible.


It is the right of every individual and couple to build a family, and loving families come in a great many forms. For nearly thirty years, the national Boston IVF fertility network has recognized equality and freedom in parenting. We offer open access to all fertility treatments, regardless of sexual orientation.

Language Liaison

Do you need an interpreter? If you do not speak English, please contact us via the assistance of a Language Line interpreter.

Let's Connect

Our new-patient clinical liaison has assisted all patients, both international and local, with their treatment options since 1986. Her name is Rhonda and she looks forward to helping you. If you're ready to begin the process of building your family, we invite you to connect with us by calling Rhonda at 888-300-2483.


We look forward to speaking with you, and will be in touch as soon as possible!