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Many individuals who may not have otherwise been able to conceive due to male factor infertility or lack of a male partner are able to achieve their dream of becoming a parent via donor sperm insemination.

Donor sperm is a form of what’s called "third-party reproduction." In this case, the third-party is the donor whose sperm is being used. Individuals or couples using donor sperm may choose to use sperm from either a known (family member of friend) or anonymous donor. The vast majority (95%) use anonymous sperm from a sperm bank.

For patients who choose to use an anonymous sperm donor, our exclusive partnerships with Seattle Sperm BankCalifornia Cryobank, and NW Cryobank offer our patients the highest variety of quality sperm donors and unique benefits.

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  • women in a same-sex partnership
  • single women
  • men whose sperm is unlikely to fertilize an egg
  • men who produce little or no sperm
  • men with a family history of genetic disease
  • men with past vasectomy or testicular failure
  • men undergoing treatment for cancer


Donor sperm can be used with IVF or IUI.

If you are using a sperm donor with your IVF procedure, you will still administer fertility medications to prepare your eggs for retrieval. Once retrieved, your eggs will be combined with the donor sperm and the resulting embryos will be transferred back to your uterus for implantation.

For women undergoing IUI, the sperm is inserted directly into her uterus around the time of ovulation to enhance fertilization of the egg.


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