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The inability to become pregnant is difficult and can impact every aspect of your life. That's why we opened the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health in 2006. Because treating infertility means taking care of the physical and emotional symptoms that often accompany treatments.

Located at Boston IVF in Waltham, we have helped thousands of infertility patients realize their dream of becoming parents. Our services enhance your chance of conception and a healthy, full term pregnancy.

Our psychologists teach coping skills and stress management strategies either for individuals or couples. Our acupuncturists increase the efficacy of your fertility treatment and decrease physical symptoms such as cramping or headaches. Our nutritionists help patients gain or lose weight and help anyone learn how to eat a healthful diet, and our Mind/Body for Fertility Program combines effective stress reducing techniques in a setting where women can meet others who are feeling exactly the same way.

We invite you learn more about these helpful and effective modalities, which complement your care and can enhance your fertility success.

Our Fertility Wellness Services
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How the Domar Center Can Help
Learn about our innovative wellness services that coordinate with your treatments and enhances the chance of pregnancy.
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Fertility Acupuncture Program
Learn how our in-house fertility acupuncture sessions before and after IUI and IVF procedures can enhance your chances.
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Mind/Body Program for Fertility
Hear more about our 10-week program that offers skills training and group sharing to women at any stage of treatment.
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Mind/Body Program Success Rates
Read the results of large study which showed that Mind/Body Program participants have higher pregnancy rates.
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Nutrition Counseling Program
Whether your goal is to manage weight, PCOS, or to develop a plan for a healthy pregnancy, our nutritionist can help.
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Fertility Counseling
Hear about our staff of psychologists, who specialize in all aspects of women’s health, infertility, and pregnancy loss.
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Fertility Diet Advice
See what a well-balanced diet looks like and how healthy eating can "level the playing field" while undergoing treatment
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Stress & Infertility
Learn about the corelation between stress and infertility and how decreased stress is linked with higher fertility rates.
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Surviving the Two Week Wait
When waiting for the results of your treatment, those two weeks can feel like an eternity! Here's a few ways to cope.
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Unsuccessful Cycle Program
Learn more about our free, 30-minute counseling visits for those who've experienced an unsuccessful cycle.


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