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The next Mind/Body Program for Fertility group begins on February 8th
It is available to MA residents only.

Your path to wellness

Family-building can impact every aspect of your life. It's why Boston IVF opened the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health in 2006. Because treating infertility or building a family means taking care of the physical and emotional symptoms that often accompany treatments.

Located at Boston IVF in Waltham, our wellness center offers effective modalities that complement your care.

Our psychologists teach stress management strategies for individuals and couples. Our acupuncturists utilize effective techniques to decrease the physical symptoms associated with treatment. Our nutritionists help patients learn to eat a healthful diet, manage PCOS, diabetes, and more. And our Mind/Body for Fertility program offers participants support and stress-reducing techniques in a group setting.

The Domar Center at Boston IVF

Domar Center Services

  • Fertility Acupuncture Treatment

    Learn how our in-house fertility acupuncture sessions before and after IUI and IVF procedures can enhance your chances.

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  • The Mind/Body Program for Fertility

    Read more about our renowned 10-week group program that provides support and skills to our patients. 

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  • Mental Health Counseling

    Hear more about how our in-house counseling program helps individuals and couples through difficult times. 

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  • Nutrition Counseling

    Whether your goal is to manage weight, PCOS or develop a plan for a healthy pregnancy, our nutritionist can help.

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our team

  • Photo Dr. Alice Domar, Ph.D.

    Executive Director

  • Photo Lili Cai, Lic. M.Ac.

    Fertility Acupuncturist

  • Photo Elizabeth Ward, PhD

    Senior Staff Psychologist

  • Photo Michelle P. Hay. M.Ac.

    Fertility Acupuncturist

  • Photo Yan Jin, Lic. M.Ac.

    Fertility Acupuncturist

  • Photo Ellen Leifman, Lic. M. Ac., MS., MAOM.

    Fertility Acupuncturist

  • Photo Karen Marans, PhD

    Senior Staff Psychologist

  • Photo Hillary Wright, MEd, RD, LDN

    Director of Nutritional Counseling


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