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Nina Resetkova

Nina Resetkova, MD, MBA

Reproductive Endocrinologist

Dr. Nina Resetkova is a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist at Boston IVF. She specializes in all aspects of fertility care.

Available to patients in Massachusetts

Downtown Boston, MA

Dr. Nina Resetkova is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology/Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

She specializes in all aspects of infertility care.

Dr. Nina Resetkova was born in Slovakia, a small country in Eastern Europe. She immigrated with her family at a young age to Toronto, Canada, where she completed her primary and secondary education. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Minor in Management from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

She then moved to the United Sates in pursuit of a combined MD, MBA degree. She earned her medical degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. While completing her medical training, she simultaneously obtained a Masters in Business Administration, specializing in Health Organization Management. She chose a competitive Obstetrics and Gynecology residency training program at the world renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. During her residency, she served on the ethics and quality improvement committees. She was actively involved in leadership on the Johns Hopkins House Staff Council, and served as the elected Vice Chair of Communications.

Dr. Resetkova is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, as well as the New England Fertility Society, where she served in an executive role.  Her research interests include the application of cost effectiveness studies in medicine. Her work pertaining to cost effectiveness of preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) for patients with recurrent pregnancy loss was selected for a prize oral presentation at the 2013 American Society of Reproductive Medicine annual conference. She completed a research fellowship studying the RNA profile of the developing embryo at the Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Reproductive Biology.

Dr. Resetkova sees a wide spectrum of fertility patients, including those who would like to explore fertility options and fertility preservation. She has a special interest in caring for the LGBTQ patient population. Her novel research examining transgender fertility preservation outcomes has been presented at national meetings.

She enjoys spending time with her family, long walks with her dog and playing chess. She is always working on improving her yoga practice.

Why Did You Become a Fertility Expert?
I chose this field because it is a remarkable juxtaposition of the soft human side of medicine as well as the hard science; it is precisely this cross of empathy and cutting edge science that makes it amazing, new and interesting each day. There are so many advances occurring each year, which underscores the importance of keeping up with the field and contributing to improvements within it. I also love the element of lifelong learning. Teaching and training the incoming generations of experts is an amazing privilege that maintains the integrity of the field. The training program here at Boston IVF is very strong, and participating in the teaching of future colleagues, patients, and staff is an incredibly rewarding aspect of this job.

What About Boston IVF Makes You Proud?
I had the opportunity to both train and work at Boston IVF. One of the aspects that impressed me most about Boston IVF is that we have some of the most seamless processes and workflows of any organization in our field. There are so many factors that go into a patient’s experience within a facility, and Boston IVF has taken the time to examine each of these in a methodical, deliberate fashion to deliver the best care experience possible. When a new area is identified, we have a large team to offer ideas and solutions, and this is what keeps the organization constantly improving. The research that is done at Boston IVF, both owing to the bright physicians and leaders that work here but also due to our location in the greater Boston area, is also an incredible resource that advances our field and allows us to bring treatments and services to our patients that are novel and unique.

What is Your Approach to Patient Care?
My approach to helping patients is personalized. Each patient’s needs are quite different, and it can often be hard to predict our own responses to tough situations. I am there with my patients in their struggles, and in their successes. I also believe in finding an external outlets outside of fertility treatment, whether that is through mind-body programs, close friends, family, or other areas. We have many ways of helping patients get through tough times, including peer support groups available through our center. Sometimes, though, patients just need to know that someone is there for them in the tough times, and my goal is for them to know that I am there, present, available, and thinking about them through the journey.

Have Any Patients Truly Inspired You?
I find inspiration in every patient’s journey. It is important to realize that infertility is a diagnosis that has been granted after many months, and sometimes even years. It takes courage to seek treatment, to talk about it, and to make time every day to make the necessary steps of treatment. Every patient has a remarkable path with individual obstacles but also unique support systems, and the goal for me and my care team at Boston IVF is for us to help patients overcome these obstacles and find support in the journey.

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?
I love to spend time outdoors with my husband and our dog. We enjoy all the activities that Boston has to offer including the great music, restaurant, and arts. In the summer months, we spend time in Newport, RI. I enjoy exploring personal fitness, reading, planning travel, and playing chess.

What music do you enjoy listening to?
My musical tastes are pretty eclectic. I have soft spots for the 50’s crooners, old soul, and of course, some of the cheesy stuff. I once landed a prized job in college by singing “Come and go with me” by The Dell Vikings at the interview.

How would you describe your personality?
I am a curious, inquisitive conversationalist. I am honest, open, and passionate about the things I care deeply about.

What’s the most recent book you’ve read?
The brief and wondrous life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz; an unbelievable and fantastical read by a great Boston author.


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