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How long was your infertility journey? How many cycles did you undergo?
My husband and I started our journey with my regular gynecologist when she prescribed 3 months of Clomid.

When that did not work we were referred to Dr. Steven Bayer at Boston IVF.

It was almost like being in a movie - sitting in the office, discussing it all.

Testing was done on both of us and the determination was IVF with ICSI was the best option. We learned how to take the shots and rest of the medications.

We always knew we wanted children so this was just going to take a little longer. We completed one IVF cycle and the dreaded "two week wait" felt like 2 years. We implanted two best embryos and had none viable to freeze.

After waiting we realized we had experienced a chemical pregnancy and it was hard.

But right away we began again. Shots, meds, egg retrieval, transfer. All of it, again with only two embryos to transfer.

Nevertheless, they went in and the two week wait began again.

Except this time - success! TWINS! Our daughter and son were born at 35 weeks in January, 2007 with minor complications.

Two years later we were back in front of Dr. Bayer wanting to try again! This time we "won" on the 1st cycle of IVF. We implanted two embryos and had one healthy baby boy in January, 2010.

We were able to freeze one embryo so we knew we would be back AGAIN if we wanted.

So in 2012, we went back to Dr. Bayer, did a FET, and got a positive test. Sadly I miscarried during my 1st trimester.

Our journey to complete our family did not end there, though. We adopted our daughter who was born in February, 2014.
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All my life I knew I wanted to be a mommy. When I met my husband, who had the same dream to have a family, I never would have guessed this would be our journey.

There were many tears and a few laughs (especially for my husbands tests) but through it all I was so grateful for the Boston IVF doctors and nurses because I was not just a patient but a person with a dream.

My infertility journey is an enormous part of my life and even now I wonder what it would be like just to "get" pregnant without assistance!

I hear of people planning exactly when they are going to have their children and I sit makes me think about my own experiences, Sometimes it happens for them and and other times, when months pass, nothing happens. You truly never can predict anything.

My husband, the people of Boston IVF, and most importantly my faith got me through those very dark days.
Did anyone/anything else help you through your infertility journey?
While going through infertility treatments, I met with a therapist and talked about everything. Although for me just being super involved and asking lots of questions and never stopping kept me going.
What were some highs or lows of your treatment(s)? What is unique/different about your story?
I don't think we are that much different from others who experienced infertility. The tests, the waiting, the negative tests, the good news and bad news all take there toll.

The weight gain and emotional side effects of the medications all sucked but I would do it all ten times over for the children I kiss goodnight each day.

If I could, I would have a dozen children :)

The best part is the positive tests - obviously - but even the little victories like the # of eggs retrieved or fertilized embryos grade were encouraging.

As they say, "it's all part of the journey".
What advice do you have for other struggling with infertility?
My advice to those going through infertility is to own it. Talk about it. Share it. You will learn that you are not alone.

Some are private with their struggles but others need to know they are not alone either.

It has been 10 years since we began our journey and it is still a part of me. If I can help someone, it's worth it.
Tell us about your experience with boston ivf
Dr Bayer is the best.

He never made me feel bad about anything and always have us hope and a smile.

The nurses and other doctors are exceptional also. Never did I have a bad experience.


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