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Boston IVF’s Continuing Medical Credit (CME) webinars are a free and convenient resource for physicians, nurses, practitioners, medical assistants, physician assistants, and others who wish to learn about infertility and family building care.

Supported by the national Boston IVF fertility network and accredited by Harvard Medical School, this unique monthly program offers attendees an opportunity to earn credits and learn more about their patients' reproductive care.

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the infertility workup

Join us on Wednesday, April 10th at 12PM EST for a CME webinar on "The Infertility Workup" featuring Dr. Max Klein of Boston IVF's Bedford, New Hampshire Center.

PGT-M for monogenic diseases

Join us on Tuesday, May 14th at 12 PM EST for a CME webinar on "PGT-M for monogenic diseases" featuring Dr. Pietro Bortoletto of Boston IVF's Stoneham Center.

LGBTQ+ Family Building

Join us on Wednesday, June 12th at 12 PM EST for a webinar on LGBQ+ Family Building featuring Boston IVF reproductive endocrinologist Nina Resetkova, MD.


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