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Salute To Nurses

Salute to Nurses

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The Boston Globe's annual "Salute to Nurses" section recognizes caregivers whose dedication has changed the lives of countless patients and their families.

The Globe received hundreds of submissions in 2019 ~ and we're so thrilled to have had SIXTEEN LETTERS selected that feature a Boston IVF nursing team member!

It's a testiment to the kind and talented individuals we have ~ and the quality of care we deliver.

Thank you for all that you do for our patients!

Lisa Butters, RN

“Boston IVF creates miracles every day. Going through the stressful process of trying to create a child makes you irritable, hormonal, impatient, and agitated. Lisa is one of the best nurses I’ve ever interacted with, and that says a lot since I work with nurses in a hospital every day. She never lost her patience and she returns calls quickly, which is amazing considering that she deals with so many others just like me. She’s knowledgeable, organized, helpful, and—best of all—cheerful when I need it most. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and my husband.”Nominated by Anonymous

Jessica Camprone-Suski, RN

“It is hard to find words for the gratitude that I feel for Jessica. She has been there constantly for three years as my husband and I battle infertility. From educating us about medications and answering our silly questions to listening in times of pain and disappointment, she continues to be a constant pillar of support.

You can feel Jessica’s passion for her job the first time you meet her. She truly cares for each and every patient and roots for them in their journey to become parents. Our struggle has been hard not only on my husband and me, but on Jessica, too. It takes a special person to deliver unfavorable news while maintaining one’s composure and optimism.” —Nominated by Kienan Robinson

Brenda Connolly, RN

“Brenda has been supportive through two pregnancies. She’s the reason we drive to Bedford, and she has been the best part of our experience. She has never judged us as a same-sex couple. She encouraged and supported my 49-year-old wife to carry our second child. She is there for us when we are frustrated and need someone to listen. She is consistently excited for us and has never let us down. She has become a part of our growing family, as we would not have gone Round 2 without her.” —Nominated by Dawn DeShiro

Brenda Connolly, RN

“Brenda has a big smile at 6:30 every morning. Her compassion and personality make for a great greeting no matter how many times you have to come in for blood work or other tedious appointments. She remembers you and gives you hope to stay positive and look forward.” —Nominated by Jennifer Gorski

Brenda Connolly, RN

“Brenda kindly explained everything to me from the moment we met, and invited me to call her with any questions. After my first two rounds failed, she encouraged me to stay positive, and made me smile during every blood test. When we found out that I was pregnant, I told her that if it weren’t for her encouragement, kind heart, and faith in me, I would have given up, but she helped me trust the process. I’ll never forget that she said, “You were meant to be a mom.” Instant tears! Brenda is a beautiful soul and Boston IVF is lucky to have her. She played a big part in my journey and I will be forever grateful.” —Nominated by Stefanie Gove

Brenda Connolly, RN

“I remember walking into the Bedford, N.H., office for the first time like it was yesterday. I was so nervous. Brenda immediately put me at ease. I had an ectopic, and each HGG test she was there for me. I recently went back to start the process again, and this time I wasn’t as nervous, knowing that I’m in good hands with the team I selected. I’m thankful for Brenda and appreciate her compassion through this difficult process.” —Nominated by Leanne Hillman

Brenda Connolly, RN

“I went through a year and a half of infertility treatments, beginning with my OB-GYN, who eventually transferred me to Boston IVF to move on to in vitro fertilization. By that time I was beginning to feel convinced that I would never get pregnant, but I still fought to maintain hope. Each step in the process took more out of me—injections, blood work, surgeries, waiting.

Each time I went into the office, I hoped Brenda would be there. She immediately put me at ease, making me feel like I was all that mattered in that moment. Her compassion and support couldn’t have been stronger. Each time I struggled to maintain my composure, she gently continued her work while offering kind, gentle words. I can’t count the number of times I cried in her arms; sometimes she teared up with me. Her strength led me to find mine when I felt like there was no hope.

She educated me without judging—I was able to ask her questions I wasn’t comfortable raising with others, and get helpful answers (intramuscular injections in the buttocks are awkward, scary, and embarrassing.). Today I’m nearly 16 weeks pregnant. I can’t wait to bring this baby to that office to introduce them to the wonderful people who helped create them—especially Brenda. I can’t imagine going through this process with anyone else.” —Nominated by Jacqueline Keeves

Melissa Craig, MA

“Melissa was exceptionally knowledgeable about the in vitro fertilization process and helped us conceive our baby. Her help on this long, difficult road was amazing. She always had a smile on her face and listened to my questions and concerns. I was so lucky to have a nurse as wonderful as Melissa.” —Nominated by Christine Bishop

Melissa Craig, MA

“Melissa was a pleasure to see every time I went to my doctor’s office. She went out of her way to make me comfortable. She was kind, caring, and full of knowledge. I’m lucky to have had her throughout my fertility journey.” —Nominated by Shauna Fanning

Melissa Craig, MA

“In the dictionary, next to the words “compassion,” “empathy,” “knowledgeable,” “humble,” and “genuine,” there should be pictures of Melissa. She is honestly one of the kindest people I have ever met. Saying that she’s in the right profession is an understatement. Being a nurse can be emotionally wearing in general, but especially so in the fertility field. I’m sure there are many ups and downs. You can see it on people’s faces as they try to create the biggest joy of their lives: children. There are many happy stories, but that happiness comes with heartbreak on the other side.

Melissa is always smiling and there to offer wise and positive words. With her, it goes beyond the science. Her goal is making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Her knowledge and passion for in vitro fertilization might go unnoticed. She never hesitated to answer our questions accurately or calm our nerves.

My wife and I were lucky to cross paths with Melissa, and we are the grateful ones. The team at Boston IVF, and the medical profession in general, are better with the amazingly talented Melissa. Thank you for all that you do each and every day, Melissa; you are truly admired, and a blessing to the people whose lives you have touched.” —Nominated by Colleen O’Brien

Carol Lesser, NP

“My husband and I were trying, without success, to start a family. We turned to in vitro fertilization, knowing that it might be a long journey with no guarantees, due to my age. From the moment we started treatment, through miscarriages, Carol was a rock, checking in with us by telephone when we least expected it—cheering us on. I had so many questions, and Carol was always there for me. My entire team was amazing, but it was especially reassuring to have someone like Carol thinking of us at unexpected moments.

I’ll never forget the Sunday that we were at a movie during my IVF cycle. My mind started wandering, thinking about treatment. After a few minutes later, I got a text. It was Carol, asking if I needed anything. The timing was incredible, and I can’t explain how good that made me feel. I’ll never forget that. She’d call us at night after important tests, knowing that we were nervous. She’s just an incredible nurse who really gets it.

My husband and I now have an amazing 5-month-old son and we couldn’t have gotten here sanely without Carol. This award was made for her.” —Nominated by Laura Kelley

Kristin MacCutcheon, RN

“Kristin has been an in vitro fertilization nurse for over 20 years. She has been a friend, a coworker, and much more to the staff and company. Most of all, she’s one of the top nurses to have by your side during treatment. She’s one of the best, most knowledgeable people when it comes to her job. She has the best personality, with a smile and a positive attitude every day. Her passion for her job is simply to give each individual top priority.” —Nominated by Deana Miele

Lisa Masciovecchio, RN

“Lisa is outstanding. In vitro fertilization has been a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs, but she has listened with a compassionate ear when I vent or cry at things that don’t work out, and excitedly has shared good news when they do. She’s a clinician and a therapist wrapped into one, and I couldn’t appreciate her more.” —Nominated by Carolyn Rogers-Vizena

Missy Neighbors, RN

“Missy was with us through the scariest and most beautiful times of our lives. Her heart and love for her work make her perfect for her job. We are forever grateful for what she and the whole office have done for us.” —Nominated by Nedra Schaefer

Nikki Palumbo, RN

“Nikki is always compassionate and kind, even when breaking bad news. She always leaves me hopeful that this journey is not over.” —Nominated by Crystal Arnott

Bryna Runeman, Boston IVF

“Bryna helped us through an egg retrieval that resulted in a single, abnormal embryo. For our next retrieval, we had one chromosomally normal embryo and one that was inconclusive. Bryna called me on the day of our appointment to tell me that the inconclusive one was normal. We had two. I could hear her happiness as I took in the information. We have not had the transfer yet, and I know there is a long road ahead, but she has answered all of my questions and been both empathetic for our disappointments and genuinely happy for our future.” —Nominated by Rachel Mastrangelo


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