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Tiffani & Tim

New York


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My husband and I started actively trying to get pregnant in 2018 with no success. I have PCOS and was rarely ovulating on my own. We finally went to Boston IVF-Albany, and just about a year later, we were pregnant after our first IUI, unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage at just under ten weeks. Our second IUI in September 2020 was successful, and our rainbow baby was born on May 28, 2021. We are so grateful for the care we received at the Albany center from Dr. Elguero and our nurse Casey!
How did your boston ivf physician and nursing team help to make your journey a success?
Dr. Elguero and nurse Casey were great!
What were some highs or lows of your treatment(s)? What is unique/different about your story?
After six failed cycles of just ovulation induction, I was losing hope, and Dr. Elguero was encouraging and reassured me that she believed I would get pregnant! That helped me keep going on our infertility journey
What advice do you have for other struggling with infertility?
Infertility can feel so lonely; once I started to be more open about my struggles, the support we felt made it just a bit easier to swallow. Reach out to friends and family for help!


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