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My husband and I decided to add to our family after we got married in 2018. Little did we know we would have multiple bumps in the road. We reached out to Boston IVF for a consultation after trying to conceive on our own for a year. We felt nervous and excited when we got an appointment right away. Early on we were diagnosed with secondary unexplained infertility.

Our first IUI cycle was in August of 2019. When the cycle was a success, we thought we had just graduated from Boston IVF. However, the pregnancy, unfortunately, ended in a miscarriage at eight weeks. With broken hearts, we knew we wanted to try again. We jumped right back into the next cycle and did four more IUI’s with no success. With only one cycle left we weren’t too hopeful, but IUI number six turned out to be successful. Yet again, the cycle ended in a miscarriage, a week before Christmas in 2019. After that miscarriage, Dr. Elguero ordered some tests to dive deeper into why we kept miscarrying. When we didn’t find any answers, we decided to prepare for IVF.

August 2020, we did our first egg retrieval followed by a fresh embryo transfer. More disappointment... the cycle did not take, and we were again heartbroken. Our second embryo transfer we transferred two embryos. One took, but that ended in our third miscarriage. At this point, Dr. Elguero recommended that we remove a small fibroid that was located on the outside of my uterus. In March 2022, during the surgery the doctor found endometriosis covering a decent portion of my uterus. Recovery was a six-week journey, and once we were cleared, we did our third and final embryo transfer.

In July 2021, we transferred two embryos. With this being our final round, we prayed and hoped that one would take, and to our surprise one did! We remember getting the phone call that we were pregnant like it was yesterday. We were so excited and prayed that the next three betas would be great numbers, and they were! Every ultrasound we had we always mentally and emotionally prepared for bad news, but we were pleasantly surprised when each and every appointment there was a beautifully perfect heartbeat. Our baby was growing right on track!

In March 2022, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl. We named her Naomi. We are so blessed and so grateful beyond measure for all of the staff at Boston IVF that made it possible.
How did your boston ivf physician and nursing team help to make your journey a success?
We were seen at the Albany office and our nurse was Kim and our Doctor was Dr. Sonia Elguero - both of them went out of their way to check in on us and always made sure we had our meds and all of our appointments lined up. When we had the miscarriages, Sonia checked in on us to see how we were doing, and that meant so much to us. The ultrasound techs were always so kind to us and made every ultrasound comfortable. The front desk staff always made sure we had what we needed and went out of their way to make sure we spoke with someone when our nurse or doctor wasn't available. We had the best experience at BIVF, and we are so grateful for everything they have done for us.
What were some highs or lows of your treatment(s)? What is unique/different about your story?
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