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Nicole & Rob

New Hampshire


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Our journey started about five years ago after we got married. I always felt that having children may be difficult for me so I wanted to start as soon as possible. After a year of trying with no success we realized we would need some help. We were referred to Boston IVF where we met with Dr. Wright to discuss the ins and outs of infertility. Months of tests determined that IVF would provide us with our best chance of becoming pregnant. We were so fortunate to go through one cycle and have our first transfer work! As I type this I’m snuggling with our one month old daughter, Mia! We love being parents to this sweet little miracle and we are grateful to Dr. Wright and all the staff that helped us throughout our cycle.
How did your boston ivf physician and nursing team help to make your journey a success?
Brenda at the Bedford clinic was always especially kind every time we went in for lab draws. She always had a smile on her face and would chat with me to distract me during the multiple lab draws. She put my mind at ease when I felt discouraged and cheered us on when it was getting close to the egg retrieval. It was so nice to have a consistent familiar face every time we would visit the clinic!
Did anyone/anything else help you through your infertility journey?
During our journey, I tried to find people on Instagram that blogged about their journey since I didn’t know anyone that had gone through this. I found the fertility tribe to be especially helpful because she was pregnant and very upfront about her journey. She also had a mission to bring others together which was what I needed. I also loved following hilariously infertile and reading her book about her journey. She painted the very real agony of infertility but also managed to find the humor in parts of the process.
What were some highs or lows of your treatment(s)? What is unique/different about your story?
A low in our process was finding out that the odds of us being able to naturally conceive was virtually impossible. It produced this intense fear in me that I would never be a mother and I would never get to see my husband become a father. Together we had to lean on each other for support since we were the only ones who knew what this felt like. It made our marriage stronger going through this journey together and that is one of the many highlights of this journey.
What advice do you have for other struggling with infertility?
For those struggling with infertility, do not give up! Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on at you highest moments and comfort you in your lowest moments. Give yourself grace and try not to blame anyone or anything for this journey. It’s a tough one but it will ultimately lead you to realize your strength in difficult situations.
Tell us about your experience with boston ivf
Working with BIVF was great overall. At times there were gaps in communication that caused issues with our treatment but everything always worked out. I think that is a product of being such a large organization.


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