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Lisa & Marc



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When we got married in the summer of 2015 we decided to try to start our family right away. After multiple attempts and constant negative pregnancy tests, we decided it was time to see a doctor. After meeting with Dr. Sneeringer and her team, we finally had hope! Once we received a diagnosis of male factor, we moved forward with a fresh cycle. Unfortunately, that cycle, we ended up having a chemical pregnancy. Lucky for us, we still had frozen embryos, so we decided to move forward with a frozen cycle. When that cycle failed, we decided to try another fresh cycle hoping for a better chance at conceiving. This time we had transferred 2 embryos. When that pregnancy test came back negative, it was so discouraging. We didn’t give up hope and neither did Dr. Sneeringer! We agreed to try another frozen cycle. Once again, we transferred 2 embryos. To our excitement, we received a positive pregnancy test and we welcomed our beautiful daughter Sophia on 9/22/17!
How did your boston ivf physician and nursing team help to make your journey a success?
They gave us hope. The staff was always available whenever we had a question.
Did anyone/anything else help you through your infertility journey?
My family helped us. Especially friends who have previously went through the same process.
What were some highs or lows of your treatment(s)? What is unique/different about your story?
I feel the lowest part for us was knowing we needed help getting pregnant. It seemed so easy for some couples. We just couldn’t understand what was wrong. As soon as we met Dr. Sneeringer, things began to fall into place.
What advice do you have for other struggling with infertility?
Don’t give up. I know it can be challenging at times. Reach out to friends and family as much as you can!
Tell us about your experience with boston ivf
We had a wonderful experience! The team was very compassionate. We couldn’t have asked for better care.


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