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Ashley & Justin

New Hampshire


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As I sit here writing this, I am still in shock that my dream of being a mother has finally come true thanks to Boston IVF. My husband and I could not have asked for a better experience with Boston IVF.

We had been trying for a total of 6 years and truly started to lose hope by the sixth year, feeling hopeless and like we would never get our wish. During the 6 years of trying, we tried for 2 years on our own before we realized something was not right. At this point, we went to our OB-GYN where we had some testing done, which all came back normal. We then moved on to medicated timed intercourse which was unsuccessful. After that, we went through 4 IUI cycles before finally transferring to Boston IVF.

Once with Boston IVF, we had more hope after seeing all the success stories and success rates. We had some more testing done, which also came back normal then moved on to an egg retrieval which we used for a Fresh Egg Transfer that was not successful. We were lucky enough to freeze 5 embryos, we used one for a Frozen Egg Transfer and that was the lucky one! We now have a beautiful baby girl who is now 3 weeks old. As stressful as the infertility process was, we wouldn’t change it for the world because it brought us to the love of our life Amelia Rose. We can’t thank Boston IVF enough for our amazing experience.
How did your boston ivf physician and nursing team help to make your journey a success?
They were all so amazing and made us feel like family through the whole process.
Did anyone/anything else help you through your infertility journey?
A big thing that helped was reading all the success stories and seeing I was not alone and that it DID work for others.
What were some highs or lows of your treatment(s)? What is unique/different about your story?
We hit a low point where I had severe anxiety and depression due to feeling like I would never be a mother, while it seemed like everyone around me was starting families with no trouble. I had to fight through that to give myself some hope.
What advice do you have for other struggling with infertility?
As much as you may hear this, do not give up and try to stay positive. It WILL happen. Keep a positive attitude and know your day IS coming!
Tell us about your experience with boston ivf
The best experience I could ever ask for. As soon as we had our first appointment, I left the office feeling so good and hopeful. Every staff member I came in contact with made me feel at ease and so comfortable. They made me feel like family and like they truly cared about you.


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