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Aug 12, 2019
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How Are You Really Feeling? Let Your Doctor Know

Yet, often out of fear of being unfairly judged, or shame of knowing we could be doing better, many of us lie to our doctors. The truth is, "how much you smoke, eat, drink, exercise, and whether you use protection during sex or while out in the sun matters." What else matters?

  • Your surgical history
  • Your age
  • What you eat
  • How you're using medications
  • Your smoking habits
  • The supplements you take
  • Using recreational drugs
  • Whether you've had an abortion
  • How you're really feeling -- mentally
  • Your sexual history
  • When you last went to the doctor
  • Whether you're nervous
  • How much time you spend in the sun
  • How much you drink

Reaching out to doctor's across the country, Reader's Digest identified these 14 topics to be honest about with your doctor. They reached out to our own Michael Alper, MD, specifically about the importance of honesty in how you're feeling, mentally and emotionally.

Reproductive Health is an especially sensitive and personal field, and going through the process of fertility treatment often directly deals with changes in your hormones. For better or for worse, feelings are inevitable, and can often feel overwhelming or out of control. "No matter what," says Dr. Alper, "aim to share these feelings with your doctor if you feel unhappy or 'stuck.' We understand the emotions you may be feeling."

Ultimately, sharing your feelings can only lead to a positive outcome. "Not only does your doctor understand the emotions you're feeling, but "by speaking your mind and being honest, no matter how imperfect you may feel, it helps you to feel better," says Dr. Alper, "And it helps us. An honest dialogue frees your mind when speaking with a doctor. It will do wonders for helping you to process information in a clear manner, recall questions you may have previously had, and give you a renewed sense of confidence and control."

Read the full article from Reader's Digest here:

Aug 12, 2019 - 9:25 AM
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