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Oct 18, 2023
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Boston IVF Presents Innovative Fertility and Family Building Research at the 2023 ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo

At the 2023 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress & Expo, Boston IVF, a trailblazer in fertility research and patient care since 1986, emerged as a key player. The event, held in New Orleans from October 14-18, brought together experts worldwide to exchange groundbreaking insights and innovations in reproductive medicine.

Pioneering Research Studies:

Boston IVF's reproductive endocrinologists, scientists, clinicians, and researchers left an indelible mark at the ASRM Congress. They presented over 20 groundbreaking research studies alongside education symposia and roundtable discussions. These presentations unveiled innovative results that promise to enhance the quality of fertility and family-building care for patients worldwide.

ASRM Recognitions:

At the 2023 ASRM Congress, four distinguished individuals from Boston IVF received national recognition for their exceptional work and remarkable contributions:

  1. Yuval Fouks, MD, PhD, MPH: Yuval Fouks, a dedicated Research Fellow at Boston IVF, was honored with the ASRM 2023 IN TRAINING AWARD FOR RESEARCH. He received this recognition for his noteworthy publication in Fertility and Sterility, titled "The Impact of Fertility Treatments on Embryo Aneuploidy and Live Birthrates in Comparison to Patients with Normal Ovarian Reserve." His research sheds light on the absence of significant impacts on embryo aneuploidy or live birth rates in patients with normal ovarian reserve.
  2. Quetrell Heyward, MD, MBA: Quetrell Heyward, a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Fellow at Boston IVF and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), received the prestigious ASRM 2023 INVESTIGATOR ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. This recognition acknowledged his insightful abstract titled "Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): More Is Not Always Better," highlighting the nuances and considerations surrounding the effectiveness of IUI treatment.
  3. Kim Thornton, MD, and Alan Penzias, MD: Renowned reproductive endocrinologists at Boston IVF, Kim Thornton and Alan Penzias, were acknowledged during EMD Serono's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fellowship Awards Recognition Ceremony as I'M IN R.E.I. DIVERSITY FELLOWSHIP GRANT MENTORS. This recognition underscores their unwavering commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the field.
Highlighted Boston IVF Presenters and Topics at the 2023 ASRM Congress:

The ASRM Congress featured several Boston IVF presenters, covering a range of topics:

  • Alan Penzias, MD: "ART Access for All: A Value-Based Analysis"
  • Ann Korkidakis, MD: "Racial and Ethnic Determinants of Access to Infertility Care in a State with a Comprehensive Infertility Mandate"
  • Denis Vaughan, MD: "Every Oocyte Matters: Physician, Embryologist, and Nurse Perspectives"
  • Denny Sakkas, Ph.D.: "IVF Laboratory Grand Rounds: Real Cases, Real Challenges, Real Solutions"
  • Pietro Bortoletto, MD, MSc: "Taking Operative Hysteroscopy from the OR to the Clinic" and "ART & Surgery"
  • Quetrell Hayward, MD, MBA: "Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): More is not Always Better" and "Reproductive Outcomes of IVF Following a Large-Scale Merger: Is Bigger Always Better?"
  • Riwa Sabbagh, MD: "Using In Situ Gene Expression to Create a Three-Dimensional Map of Human Blastocysts" and "Lower Live Birth Rates with Increasing Maternal Age in Donor Oocyte Cycles"
  • Sara Arian, MD, MSci: "Fertility Preservation"
  • Yuval Foulks, MD, PhD, MPH: "Predicting the Probability of Return After Oocyte Cryopreservation: A Machine Learners Approach Using the SART Database"
A Rich Legacy of Research

The roots of Boston IVF's prolific research program run deep, with collaborations with Harvard Medical School, the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and other prestigious clinical affiliates. Since its inception, Boston IVF has contributed more than 500 papers and abstracts to the field, many of which have translated into life-changing innovations for individuals seeking successful pregnancies and family-building opportunities.

Leaders in the Field

Under the guidance of Boston IVF’s Chief Scientific Officer, Denny Sakkas, Ph.D., and Director of Clinical Research and board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, Denis Vaughan, MD, Boston IVF's in-house, full-time research program consists of over 50 experts, including reproductive endocrinologists, scientists, embryologists, clinicians, data analysts, and more. Together, they play a pivotal role in advancing the field of reproductive science and introducing new clinical protocols, surgical techniques, public policy analyses, and other valuable insights to their peers worldwide.

"Through our dedicated research department, we strive daily to unravel the mysteries of fertility, unlocking the potential for hope and fulfillment for countless individuals and couples,” said Denis Vaughan, MD.

Denny Sakkas, Ph.D., added, “Every discovery, every breakthrough, is a testament to our commitment to transforming dreams into reality."

Notable Milestones
  • For over three decades, Boston IVF's innovative research has yielded remarkable breakthroughs in fertility care. Some notable milestones include:
  • The first fertility center in New England to assist a same-sex female couple in achieving pregnancy (1986)
  • The first IVF/ICSI baby in New England (1993)
  • The first donor egg IVF pregnancy in New England (1994)
  • The first fertility center in New England to provide IVF, donor eggs, and gestational carrier services to a same-sex male couple (1998)
  • The first live birth in Massachusetts to result from a frozen egg (2006)
  • The first fertility center in the world to publish a modern study on transgender people and fertility treatment outcomes (2019)
A Dedication to Advancement:

David Stern, CEO of Boston IVF, expressed his enthusiasm for the 2023 ASRM Congress, highlighting the importance of their contributions. He said, "We take pride in our many distinguished experts who presented at this exciting exposition. It reflects our ongoing commitment to advancing fertility treatment options and improving the lives of our patients. We are grateful for every opportunity to share our knowledge and collaborate with fellow experts in the field."

Oct 18, 2023 - 9:03 AM
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