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May 10, 2024
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2024 Boston Globe Salute to Nurses

The Boston Globe's annual "Salute to Nurses" article celebrates caregivers whose unwavering commitment has positively impacted numerous patients and their loved ones.

In 2024, The Globe received an abundance of submissions, and we are elated to announce that twenty-five letters highlight a member of the Boston IVF nursing team! This remarkable achievement is a testament of the compassion and skill of our team members and underscores the exceptional level of care we provide.

To read the complete article on The Globe's website, click here.

Thank you to our incredible patients! Your stories serve as a source of warmth and inspiration for those embarking on their journey to parenthood.

Our 2024 Highlighted Nurses:

  • Christen Anderson, Boston IVF Waltham
  • Victoria Donarumo, Boston IVF Waltham
  • Mackensie Farrell, Boston IVF Bedford
  • Nikki Getek, Boston IVF
  • Ryan Jacob, Boston IVF
  • Jacquelyn Jones, Boston IVF
  • Arnela Jonuz, Boston IVF
  • Carol Lesser, Boston IVF
  • Jenna Logan, Boston IVF Syracuse
  • Jillian MacEachern, Boston IVF Waltham
  • Rebecca Mahoney, Boston IVF
  • Lisa Masciovecchio, Boston IVF Waltham
  • Kendra McCormick, Boston IVF Brookline Center
  • Nicole Ouellette, Boston IVF Bedford, New Hampshire
  • Amy Powers, Boston IVF Waltham
  • Sophia Rago, Boston IVF South Portland, Maine
  • Kjirsten Ree, Boston IVF
  • Donna Zimmerman, Boston IVF Quincy

Read the Letters

Christen Anderson - Nominated by Justin 

Christen is the best! She is always very professional, courteous, thoughtful, caring, and compassionate. Every single interaction with her was so pleasant, effortless, and positive. We were genuinely touched by her kindness and compassion when we were going through a very difficult time with our pregnancy last December. She has proven to be a rock during our years-long journey of family creation.

Victoria Donarumo - Nominated by Amanda

Victoria has been amazing to work with throughout this difficult and uncertain journey. She has gone above and beyond to help me, answer my questions, and support me. She’s been a breath of fresh air during this difficult and stressful time. The simple things, just someone being compassionate and empathetic, don’t go unnoticed at a time like this. She goes above and beyond and should be recognized for that.

Mackenszie Farrell - Nominated by Meghan

Going through IVF is not a journey for the weak. It was emotionally and physically taxing, but Mackensie always made me feel like I could do it. She was so kind and listened as I cried. She never made me feel rushed and always made me feel like I was the most important part of her day. When I went in for my transfer, I knew it would be successful when I saw her there. The comfort she provided me through my journey can never be expressed. She is truly made for this job and is the best of the best.

Nikki Getek - Nominated by Emily

I have talked to Nikki once a week for almost an entire year while going through my fertility journey. Nikki is so compassionate. Through some hard conversations, Nikki always showed us the light and took the time to listen and discuss things. I couldn’t have made it through this year without her support.

Nikki Getek - Nominated by Ayelet

Nikki has been by my side for several years as a part of my IVF journey. She has fought on my behalf, supported me emotionally and medically, and just been a rock. On January 19, she got the whole office together to call me to share that I finally had a positive pregnancy test. Any patient would be lucky to have Nikki on their team!

Nikki Getek - Nominated by Jill

The Nikkis were both MVPs on an incredible care team from Boston IVF. They helped me navigate a very difficult journey with grace, compassion, and humor. They went above and beyond at each step, reaching out to celebrate happy moments and extending compassion for challenges and grief. They took the time to get to know our family, which made all the difference in our care. We have called or emailed hundreds of times. I have laughed, vented, and sobbed to them as much as (or more than) I have with family or close friends throughout this process.

When nominations opened last year, we were in the throes of grief from multiple failed cycles; I wanted so badly to nominate them both then, but I put off writing the essay to accompany the nominations. This year, I am finally submitting. Despite our failed cycles, I feel grateful every day that we were fortunate enough to experience top-notch care from this incredible team.

Ryan Jacob - Nominated by Keegan

Ryan Jacob made the grueling fertility and IVF process as worry-free as she possibly could. Her commitment to answering questions and finding a solution provided me with a level of comfort that I was beyond grateful for. Ryan is incredibly hard-working, empathetic, and intelligent about her field. She not only adds value to Boston IVF but also to all her patients, whom she impacts daily.

Jacquelyn Jones - Nominated by Tayla

Jackie always answered any questions I had to the best of her ability, and if she did not have the answer, she made sure to find the answer and call me. The way she speaks with compassion and understanding makes you feel at ease. She was always straightforward with me, which I appreciated, and she never hesitated to give me her opinion when asked for it based on her medical knowledge and experience. It was easy to communicate with Jackie and understand everything while going through the IVF process.

Arnela Jonuz - Nominated by Kathryn

I worked with Arnela from late 2023 to early 2024 amid my IVF journey. The kind of care I received from her was not learned in school. This is something that came from her. The way she guided me throughout my journey to a successful pregnancy has shown me that not all medical personnel have lost touch with the true meaning of caring for a patient. Thank you so much, Arnela, for caring for me, a stranger, a woman, a patient.

Carol Lesser - Nominated by Devon

My husband and I came to Boston IVF after suffering with infertility, and we were immediately greeted by Carrol. She helped me understand what our fertility issues were and what solutions we could be looking at trying. Throughout our entire journey, she always had a positive outlook and genuinely felt like a friend. She was the first person I wanted to tell when I was pregnant, even though they were the ones doing the testing and already knew. I constantly send her updates and photos of our sweet baby and direct any of my friends with fertility issues her way. She was such a blessing during such a hard time. We owe a lot to her.

Jenna Logan - Nominated by Jennifer

Jenna is so kind, compassionate, and consistent. When she calls to provide an update or next steps, she does not rush me off the phone. She always asks if I have questions. She cares. She listens. She always follows through and follows up when she says she will. IVF is a long journey; it’s stressful, it’s scary, and feeling like there is a nurse in your corner makes the journey just a little bit easier.

Jillian MacEachern - Nominated by Ariana

Every time Jill was the nurse to call with monitoring results, she was so informative and thorough. When I would call with a question, she would return my call within just a few hours and always happily answer any questions I had. Her tone was so comforting, and I never felt rushed when talking to her.

Rebecca Mahoney - Nominated by Fredline

I want to acknowledge how helpful Rebecca was as I had to undergo treatment at Boston IVF. I was having such a hard time obtaining the medications I needed to start my treatment. Of course, these medications are quite costly, but I really did not want to delay the process at the time.

Rebecca made calls to the pharmacy and found out I didn’t have to pay everything out of pocket and that most of the medications required a copayment from insurance. That made such a huge difference in lifting the burden of cost. With that, I was able to start treatment without delay. She was always there to answer my questions and always remained compassionate.

I am currently expecting my first child, thanks to Boston IVF. Thank you, Rebecca!

Lisa Masciovecchio - Nominated by Amanda

Lisa has gone above and beyond during my IVF journey. Through the good, bad, and ugly, she has been a positive force of energy, cheering me on and always answering my questions. I believe my journey to having my two babies would not have happened with Lisa (and Dr. Alan Penzias). She is one of a kind.

Kendra McCormick - Nominated by Valeria

Kendra is simply an amazing person and professional. She is caring, straightforward, honest, and delightfully competent. Her voice and her words have been literally "carrying me" in this whole IVF process, with its ups and downs. I cannot thank her enough for what she does.

Kendra McCormick - Nominated by Kailyn

Kendra is a beacon of compassion and excellence in patient care. Her approach is nothing short of exceptional, embodying the very essence of empathy and professionalism. Kendra's dedication to her patients goes beyond routine care; she cultivates an environment where each individual feels valued, heard, and genuinely cared for. 

When you speak with Kendra, her warm demeanor and attentive nature instantly put you at ease. She listens — truly listens — to every concern, question, and story her patients share. In an era in which health care can often feel rushed and impersonal, Kendra stands out for her willingness to provide her undivided attention, ensuring that no patient feels like just another name on a chart. It's this level of personal engagement that sets her apart.

Kendra embodies the very best of health care — a professional who combines expertise with a heart that sees and treats every patient as a unique individual. Her exceptional care is a tapestry woven from threads of medical excellence, heartfelt empathy, and a celebratory spirit that uplifts everyone around her. In a world where health care can often feel daunting, Kendra is a reminder of the profound impact that dedicated nurses can have on patients' lives.

Nicole Ouellette - Nominated by Megan

Nicole was my rock at Boston IVF through our IVF journey. She was always available to answer my questions and concerns and help talk me through each step of the process. She never got annoyed at my multiple emails (sometimes daily, sorry Nicole!). IVF was our only option to have a chance at having a child, and Nicole was reassuring and compassionate when my worries would get the best of me.

She took time to get to know me and my husband, and we really felt like she was there to support us. When we finally got to meet face to face on the day of my egg retrieval, she really put me at ease. Nicole is a wonderful person and is such an asset to Boston IVF.

We were lucky enough to have our sweet daughter, Tessa, as a result of that cycle. When I let Nicole know Tessa had arrived, she immediately emailed me back with so much excitement and happiness that it felt like I had let a family member know!

Nicole Ouellette - Nominated by Kristen

IVF is an emotional, stressful time. There are always millions of questions and emotions. Nicole was always there to encourage me, and she gave me support that the physician couldn't. She always responded and followed up. She was my rock and my comfort. I am a nurse manager, and anyone with Nicole on their team is very lucky, as are all the patients she interacts with.

Nicole Ouellette - Nominated by Kelly

This nurse was with me through my entire journey to motherhood. She was the initial nurse who greeted me at the IVF program and walked me through the process. She was the nurse who I could call when I was spinning out and thinking I was going crazy from all the medications. She was the nurse that answered every single question, minor or major. She is the nurse who helped me through a miscarriage and also helped when we got pregnant again this past year when I had some concerns by getting me in right away to check me out.

Nicole Ouellette - Nominated by Jessie

Nicole is the perfect person for the role of helping people achieve pregnancy. She is knowledgeable and explains things in a way we understand. She is understanding and treats you like a person, not just another patient. She is compassionate in listening to you and how you’re feeling. She makes your needs a priority and addresses your concerns in a very timely manner. The world is a better place because of people like Nicole.

Nicole Oullette - Nominated by Stacie 

Nicole was always available to answer any questions, especially with my IVF process in the summer of 2023. It was my first time going through IVF. I was nervous and asked a lot of questions throughout the process. Nicole was always professional and didn't make my questions seem dumb or useless. She helped me in every way she could.

Even once I became pregnant at the end of September 2023, I had complications because I had a subchorionic hematoma and was terrified. She helped me through that entire scary process, and I will forever be grateful. I am 21 weeks pregnant currently and still keep in contact with Nicole despite graduating to an OBGYN closer to home. She is a phenomenal nurse, and anyone who gets the chance to work with her should feel blessed. Thank you, Nicole!

Amy Powers - Nominated by Ashley

Amy has been an amazing nurse while I was in recovery from egg retrieval. She checked on me many times and ensured I had everything I needed. She went above and beyond to make sure I was all set. She is excellent at what she does and knows how to make a patient feel cared for.

Sophia Rago - Nominated by Mollie

Sophia is always patient, kind, and compassionate with all my questions and takes time to explain thoroughly. She always encourages me to reach out with any needs and takes the extra step of offering emotional support by demonstrating empathy. I always feel more reassured and less anxious after every conversation with her. She demonstrates a deep clinical knowledge by always being able to provide “the why” behind whatever my instructions and next steps are. She always responds promptly, which is very reassuring when needs or questions come up. I feel fortunate to be working so closely with her during this journey.

Kjirsten Ree - Nominated by Amanda

Kjirsten has been my nurse for a few months through my IVF cycle. In December 2023, I had an egg retrieval and fresh embryo transfer. Throughout all my monitoring appointments, Kjirsten has called, checked in, and updated me on the plan and next steps. I always felt very supported. I unfortunately had a miscarriage in January 2024. I was heartbroken and had lots of questions, which Kjrsten had so much patience for and was quick to answer. I am grateful to have felt so supported through a difficult time.

Donna Zimmerman - Nominated by Katelyn

Dealing with IVF treatment can be overwhelming, exhausting, and stressful. Donna takes that all away. She shows reassurance and empathy both over the phone and via email. She goes out of her way to make you feel heard and makes sure you understand every step of the way. I truly wouldn’t be able to go through this process without her. Thank you, Donna, for all you do for the IVF community!

May 10, 2024 - 1:22 PM
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