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May 09, 2022
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 The Boston Globe's annual "Salute to Nurses" section recognizes caregivers whose dedication has changed the lives of countless patients and their families.

The Globe received hundreds of submissions in 2022 ~ and we're so thrilled to have had NINETEEN LETTERS selected that feature a Boston IVF nursing team member! It's a testament to the kind and talented individuals we have ~ and the quality of care we deliver. Click here to view the full Globe online article. 

Thank you to our wonderful patients! Each of your stories are so heartwarming and inspiring to those on their own journeys to parenthood.

Barbara Del Signore, RN 
We’re currently 5 months pregnant with our first baby and I don’t think we’d be here without Barbara being our cheerleader. She has held my hand through this process and answered my questions–we still communicate because I feel she’s part of our journey until the end. Thank you for everything, Barbara!—Nominated by Hannah Roy 
Tami Gosselin, RN  
Tami has not only been my fertility nurse over the past several months but has also become a family friend. The journey of infertility is stressful, to say the least, and she’s cheerful and optimistic at every encounter. When she calls, she makes you feel like a human being, not just another number. She has been my angel through this process and I’m so glad she is my nurse! Tami, I can’t thank you enough for all the care you have provided to me.—Nominated by Samantha Vaznis 
Tiffany Tifft, RN 
Tiffany brings a sense of calm and compassion to people who are facing their toughest journey. She makes you feel confident that you’re going to get through this journey together and is an incredible nurse.—Nominated by Brianne Bitgood 
Heidi Atherton, RN  
IVF is stressful, emotional, and exhausting, but having Heidi on my side made it that much better. She goes out of her way to answer questions, calls me back every time I have a freakout with my results, and even gave me her personal cell number. She was my rock during my journey and I couldn’t have done so many rounds without her. She is the absolute best nurse I've ever worked with. —Nominated by Ashley Doyle 
Nikki Seggerty, RN  
We had been working with Nikki since May 2021 and it was amazing! She was awesome in answering questions and explaining upcoming procedures and tests (why they were needed, etc.). It was our first time at an IVF treatment; we had no prior knowledge and a lot of questions. When I had a biochemical pregnancy, Nikki was so kind in explaining what it was, reassuring me that it wasn’t my fault, and I that couldn’t have done anything to prevent it. When we tired in our next cycle, Nikki made it a point to call us–not only on her day off but on Christmas–with the great news of our positive test! We are happy to be onto the next phase of our journey but do miss our calls with Nikki.—Nominated by Kathleen Checca 
Nikki Seggerty, RN  
My wife and I knew the IVF process was daunting. We got plenty of bad news before we got any good news, and Nikki was there for all of it. She called us on her days off, answered ridiculous and repetitive questions, and quickly became a part of our journey. We are so blessed to have worked with Nikki as we started this new adventure.—Nominated by Hannah Sieber 
Donna Zimmerman, RN 
—Nominated by Heather Gray 

Jennifer Iordachesu, RN  
Dear Jen, Thank you for being so compassionate. From the first day, I walked through those doors, you were there for me. Through the many years of questions, from heartbreaking news to the best news anyone can hear, you were there. You cried with me during the worst and cheered during the best. You are an amazing person. There are no words to tell you how thankful I am you were a constant from the first day to the last day of tears and hugs of happiness. Thank you for all the support throughout the years. Your patients are lucky to have you! —Nominated by Katrina Boschetti 

Layla Kerkach, RN  
Layla has been amazing. Just hearing her voice on the phone calms me down. My husband and I went through 2 rounds of IVF before having success. She was always there to answer our questions, no matter how small we think they were. Layla understands how emotional this process is and really helps to ease her patients’ minds. We appreciate her so much!
—Nominated by Jessica Corbin 
Lisa Masciovecchio, RN  
I’m on my 3rd IVF cycle and Lisa has been my nurse since Day 1. She has a very cheerful yet calming demeanor that makes each interaction positive. She explains all our results clearly and in great detail, as well as dealing with my many emails and questions. The IVF process is so emotionally exhausting that it’s helpful to have a nurse you feel comfortable with, enjoy talking to, and who always has your best interest at heart.  I am so lucky to have her (and Layla Kerkach!)–both are just amazing nurses! —Nominated by Linda Navab 
Bryna Runeman, RN  
Bryna was assigned to me during fertility treatment. I have a blocked fallopian tube and irregular cycles, which make it hard to conceive naturally, so my husband and I underwent IVF. It’s a grueling process, but Bryna made every step easier with her cheerful, encouraging, and compassionate attitude. She was always there if we had questions and I felt very supported after our first embryo transfer failed. We ended up conceiving our son in August 2020 and Bryna left a sweet voicemail when we moved to a regular OB/GYN. —Nominated by Tatumn Coraccio 
Julia (Gyulyara) Rzakhanov, RN  
Julia made every difficult conversation and decision a little easier. As a nurse myself, I know what it is like to have difficult conversations with patients, and sometimes have those same conversations with multiple patients. Julia made each conversation feel personal and never tried to rush through answers, despite the many questions asked. It’s important to find a provider that’s a good fit, and nurses are the ones you communicate with most frequently. Finding a nurse who makes you feel comfortable, especially when going through the most heartbreaking and difficult moments in your life, is so important. My husband and I encountered a number of obstacles along our fertility journey, and we are still so thankful to have experienced Julia’s compassion, honesty, and respect along the way. Julia went all-out over and over again for us, and we will never forget it. —Nominated by Colleeen (Mulcahy) Mortimer 
Shelby Sparby, RN  
Shelby helped my husband and me navigate through our cycles of infertility treatment. She supported us constantly and remained readily available by phone and email for all of my questions and concerns (and there were a lot!). She always made me feel heard, and I hope she knows how much that meant to us during that very vulnerable time.
—Nominated by Molly Vita 
Jessica Steele-Rath, RN  
My husband and I struggled to get pregnant for years. We finally decided to do IVF, but it was a long road. Jessica answered every call and email, and made sure she was the one to call and say that we were pregnant! When we lost our baby, she immediately sent her condolences and did everything to support us for another transfer. When we got pregnant again, she was again the first one to call us. Through COVID-19 and everything else, she was and still is our #1 supporter!
—Nominated by Shawnta Reid 
Chelsea Watson, RN 
Chelsea is one of many nurses at Boston IVF; she, however, works with my physician. Chelsea is so compassionate and is the perfect person to work in an IVF clinic. She always speaks softly, even when giving good news. When I answer the phone and hear her voice, I feel cared for. She always answers my question, and like a mind reader even answers questions I haven’t asked yet. When I think of an ideal nurse I think of Chelsea. She is such a blessing to have during my care and Boston IVF is so lucky to have her! —Nominated by Morgan DiPerrio 
Nicole Ouellette, RN  
For some, starting a family isn’t easy. I had to go through some of my lowest lows, wondering if I could ever be a mother. Nicole always comforted, supported, listened to, and believed in me–even when I couldn’t. When I finally became pregnant after so much loss, she was just as excited as we were. I am forever grateful for the love and kindness that Nicole shared with me. Without her, I am not sure I would have made it through the process. To me, being a nurse is to be compassionate and understanding. Nicole goes well beyond that and treats you as a loved one. Thank you, Nicole, for all that you do every day! —Nominated by Whitney Fenyak 
Nicole Ouellette, RN  
My infertility struggle was a 5-year process, and 2 years of that were in IVF treatments.  Nicole was our nurse and I’ve never had a medical professional be so responsive and compassionate. She responded quickly to calls and emails, and even when I thought my questions were silly or over the top, Nicole understood my anxiety and never made me feel like I couldn’t go to her. When we finally were blessed with a healthy pregnancy, she was excited to tell us the great news! However, it was bittersweet knowing that Nicole wouldn’t be our nurse anymore. We gave birth to our son Jonah in December and are so thankful to have a nurse as dedicated as she was. —Nominated by Sarah Horne 
Nicole Ouellette, RN  
There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful Nicole is. Infertility is hard enough but having a compassionate nurse to communicate with makes the process bearable. I asked a lot of questions through email, and she responded without hesitation. I remember after one of my chemical pregnancies, I sent an upset email hoping to get a follow-up soon. Nicole went out of her way to check with scheduling and get me an appointment the same week! When we finally got and stayed pregnant, I still emailed Nicole with updates and photos. We finally gave birth to our beautiful little girl in November, and I could not wait to let Nicole know. She makes you feel like you’re more than just another infertility patient. She is the epitome of what a nurse should be! —Nominated by Ashley Sawyer 
Heather Cotter, RN 
My husband and I went through a year of fertility treatment and Heather was there every step of the way. She answered every question, comforted us through all the failed IUI cycles, and was a voice of reason when all seemed hopeless. Every day that we got to interact with her, we knew we would receive nothing short of the best care.  Heather helped educate us, calmed our many fears, and was our cheerleader. Her welcoming and kind personality always made us feel safe. She made the most difficult year of our lives much easier to get through.—Nominated by Brittany Potter 
Heather Cotter, RN 
Heather was by my wife’s and my side for almost our entire year of struggling with infertility. She was cheerful, hopeful, and so full of kindness that we never felt alone–even through the darkest time in our lives. We looked forward to going to every appointment knowing Heather would be around. We knew every time we had a question, she would be there with an answer.  Navigating IUI procedures and IVF was one of the scariest things we had to go through as a young couple just trying their hardest to become parents. Our experience wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for Heather. The entire staff there is wonderful, but she tops the charts. Her enthusiasm and empathy are unmatched. Our time with her will stay with us.
—Nominated by Hayden Potter

May 09, 2022 - 10:18 AM
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