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Egg Freezing Costs; Boston vs. NYC
Boston vs. NYC

Did you know that the average cost for egg freezing in New York City is over $10,000!

At Boston IVF, we offer one of the most experienced egg freezing programs in the USA, for a fraction of the cost.

Save money, maximize your fertility, and email us to ask how we can help!

Egg Freezing Costs; Boston vs. NYC

Boston IVF Egg Freezing: $6,500

NYC Egg Freezing: $10,000 +

Boston IVF’s History
Boston IVF’s History

✔ first IVF center egg freezing birth in the northeast

✔ 90,000+ Boston IVF babies born!

✔ 7 Boston Magazine Top Doctor Award Winners in 2017

✔ the first IVF center ever to host an Egg Freezing party

✔ the first to assist an LGBTQ couple (1986)

✔ closely affiliated with Harvard Medical School

Our Concierge Program
Our Concierge Program

✔ Free Acela roundtrip ticket (up to $199 value)

✔ direct access to your medical team

How it Works
How it Works

✔ Skype consults

✔ select from 25+ Boston IVF fertility doctors

✔ requires just ONE visit to Boston or our Albany IVF center (for egg retrieval)

✔ testing/monitoring scheduled and conducted in NYC

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