The next Mind Body Program for Fertility group begins September 14-November 16 from 6:00-8:30 pm via Zoom.
It is available to MA residents only.

Unsuccessful Cycle Program

Fertility and family-building treatments can take an enormous emotional toll on individuals and couples attempting to build a family. Anyone who has experienced an unsuccessful cycle or miscarriage can describe the overwhelming feelings of sadness and loss.

In a recent study, 40% of patients who were seen by an infertility specialist for the very first time reported feelings of sadness and anxiety. Of course, the feelings can become more intense if treatment does not work.  It's no surprise that in the event of an unsuccessful IVF cycle, most people report feeling high levels of distress.

If you have experienced an unsuccessful cycle and notice that you are more irritable, anxious or don't enjoy things as much as you used to, you are experiencing a totally normal reaction to treatment.

However, you don’t need to continue to feel this way. It's extremely helpful to take advantage of our support systems to work through your feelings and learn new skills to help you feel better as you continue treatment. 


At Boston IVF, we support our patients every step of the way. As an important part of this mission, those who experience an unsuccessful IVF or IUI cycle are invited to meet with a Domar Center for Mind/Body Health psychologist for a free, priority session. 

During this free and confidential 30-minute visit, for which your insurance will not be charged, you can:

  1. share your feelings about your cycle outcome which can include sadness, anxiety, anger, isolation, and frustration
  2. learn empowering coping strategies to use for your next cycle
  3. develop a plan to continue along your journey to becoming a parent


To learn more about our free Unsuccessful Cycle Program, don't hesitate to contact the Domar Center for more information or to schedule a visit.


We look forward to speaking with you, and will be in touch as soon as possible!



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