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Meet Our Clinical Team

The clinical team at Boston IVF understands the uncertainty that often times can accompany infertility.

Many of our team members have experienced infertility treatments themselves and know what you may be feeling.

Our clinical team is devoted to providing the most efficient and supportive care to maximize your fertility success. Individually and together as a cohesive team, they'll be by your side every step of the way and provide you with emotional support at every turn.

Ariel Mullen, PA-C Physician Assistant
Carol Lesser, NP Nurse Practitioner
Heidi Atherton, RN Office Nurse, Brookline
Susan Barry, MA Medical Assistant, Brookline
Laura Cintolo, MA Medical Assistant, Brookline
Melissa Craig, MA Medical Assistant, Quincy
Wendy Craw, LPN Office Nurse, Providence
Sonia Cruz, MA Medical Assistant, Waltham
Barbara Del Signore, RN Office Nurse, Maine
Amanda Dervishian, RN Office Nurse, Waltham
Kris Disimone, RN OR/PACU Nurse, Waltham
Sharon Edwards, RN Chief Clinical Officer
Marjory Flores, MA Medical Assistant, Waltham
Janet Forbes-Scott, RN OR/PACU Nurse, Waltham
Susan Gordon-Pinnell, RN Director of Clinical Operations
Meg Kennedy, RN Office Nurse, Waltham
Catherine Lamb, RN Office Nurse, Quincy
Sharon Letizia, RN Donor Nurse Coordinator
Kristin MacCutcheon, RN Nurse Manager, Waltham
Amy McGlaughlin, RN Office Nurse, Maine
Cindy Miccile, RN Nurse Coordinator, Waltham
Dawn Nugent, RN Office Nurse, Worcester
Chrystal Norates, MA Medical Assistant, Providence
Julia Rzakhanov, RN Donor Nurse Manager
Luciana Scimemi, RN OR/PACU Nurse, Waltham
Ilana Seariac, RN Office Nurse, Waltham
Kathy Souza, RN OR/PACU Nurse Manager, Waltham
Sara Mawn, RN Office Nurse, Waltham
Heather Todd, RN Office Nurse, Waltham
Donna Zimmerman, MA Medical Assistant, Waltham


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