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ImageBoston IVF is excited to have partnered with Donor Egg Bank USA which has frozen eggs from prescreened donors that are available immediately.



ImageWhat is the Difference Between Fresh and Frozen Donor Eggs? 

Traditional donor egg synchronization can take between 4 and 8 weeks with the entire treatment process taking well over 6 months to complete.

But at Boston IVF, using the Donor Egg Bank USA's up-to-date list of available donors, a frozen egg bank cycle can be performed within 1-2 months!

Donor Egg Bank USA donors are ALREADY screened and have already completed their egg retrieval. Their eggs are frozen and ready to be selected.  


Benefits of Frozen Donor Egg Treatment

ImageConvenient: Donor Eggs housed at Donor Egg Bank USA are frozen for your immediate use so you can cycle at a time that works best for you.

Certainty: Frozen donor eggs give you certainty that your cylce will NOT be canceled because of a donor fails pre-screening, has a low ovarian response or unexpectedly has a life event.

Successful: Our success rates are nearly as good as traditional cycles -- and with the Donor Egg Bank USA's 100% Assured Refund Plan you can have piece of mind, that if you do not deliver a baby you will receive a FULL REFUND.

Affordable: In most cases, frozen donor egg is MORE cost effective than traditional fresh cycles because the fixed costs associated with a donor egg retrieval is shared across more than one lot of eggs.

Donor Egg Bank USA is also a participating practice of CapexMD, which offers comprehensive financing options and customized loan programs to help ease the financial stress of treatment.

Biological Siblings: If available, you may obtain additional lots of eggs for future attemps at having full biological siblings.

Frozen Donor Egg Pregnancy Rates

IVF Cycles using Frozen Donor Eggs (via Donor Egg Bank USA)
Clinical Pregnancy Rate49%
*Through July 1, 2013